a whimsical history of math and science

Recently I've embarked on a new project.. a romp around my favorite subject: nature and our relationship to it

I've completed 30 designs so far.  There will be 78 total

Each drawing includes a brief description as well as a little poem, like a Zen koan

The picture here celebrates Zeno's paradoxes: the impossibility of motion, and time's arrow.  He was an ancient Greek philosopher

Mathematical philosophy is my passion, but I've included bits from every branch of science..  I hope there will be something for everyone

I plan to publish it as a book in a year or so

 You can see the completed designs here

Thanks for your support, if you'd like to donate to the project you can here every bit helps - I can't wait to exhibit these paintings and share this strange and wonderful story..

In the meantime I am selling original paintings of the designs (large and small). I also have prints. If you would like a small postcard of one just let me know, no charge.. its a pleasure to share, thanks for stopping by

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